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  1. Construction Clean Up
    Construction Clean Up
  2. Construction Clean Up
    Construction Clean Up
  3. Remodel Clean Up
    Remodel Clean Up
  4. Remodel Clean Up
    Remodel Clean Up
  5. Remodel Clean Up
    Remodel Clean Up
  6. Remodel Clean Up
    Remodel Clean Up

Construction Clean Up - Remodel

You have invested so much time, energy and money into your remodeling and building your property and you want your final presentation to be spotless. For this you need the best. ANew Kinda Clean will provide interior and exterior post construction clean up, leaving your property clean, smelling fresh and leaving a positive image on those who occupy it. Homeowners and Contractors in Birmingham, AL rely on ANew Kinda Clean to remove dust, dirt and debris so you can get back to business. 

Have you been remodeling your home to make what you have always dreamed of? Are  you weary from your home being torn apart and your family displaced? Has your home gotten filthy from the boots coming and going, construction materials, boxes, drywall dust, painting, and dirty hands? 

“We can make your new space shine like a show house!”


Remodeling Cleanup
Our remodeling cleanup services include: 
Washing all surfaces
Dust removal from light fixtures, high ducts, pipes, etc
Cleaning inside of cabinets, desks, window sills, furniture
Full sanitization of bathrooms and kitchens, appliances, stoves, refrigerators microwaves, sinks
Scrubbing of floor tiles, floor cleaning

Construction Cleanup
Our construction cleanup services include 3 phases:

Phase 1
Excess paint scraped off windows and frames.  Stickers removed and windows and window tracks cleaned.  Plus more, depending on clients needs and contract.

Phase 2
Consists of top to bottom cleaning.  Inside and out of cabinets and drawers, bathrooms and kitchens detailed.  Removal of any paint, stickers or other material used during construction.  All tape and plastics removed from appliances and put together and cleaned.  Light fixtures, light switches, doors, frames, and baseboards cleaned.
All carpets swept away from baseboards and vacuumed.  All cardboard removed off tile and wood floors and disposed of in the proper roll off dumpster.  Floors swept and cleaned on hands and knees removing all paint and other materials used during construction.  Plus more, depending on clients needs and contract.

Phase 3 Final Phase
Fine tuning and another thorough cleaning taking care of anything left not completed in the first 2 cleanings.    Garage area scraped and scrubbed clean.  Windows cleaned.  Outside area swept clean.  Outside windows scraped clean.  This cleaning includes a punch list created by the construction project/manager and/or homeowner.

So, if you are on the lookout for a reliable, well-experienced and well-mannered team of staff to take care of the post construction cleaning tasks in your newly constructed home, then you are sure to be highly impressed and pleased by the way our cleaning service performs. They are thoroughly checked for their background and are provided continuous, hands-on training on how to solve all of your issues related to cleaning.